3d models for vr gaming

These are all created using the programs MAYA and ZBrush:

God Centaur

primordial deity collection

Chaos/First Being/'khaeos/ Greek:'Χαεος, "yawning, gap" /

Nyx/Goddess of Night/nɪks/Greek: Νύξ, "Night";Latin: Nox) /

Erebus/God of Darkness/ˈɛrəbəs/ Greek: Ἔρεβος, "deep darkness, shadow" /

Gaia, Eros, and Tartarus coming soon!

ak-47 Low poly 3d model for (c)ritical ops.

m16 low poly 3d model for (c)ritical ops

Bayonet Knife low poly 3D model for (C)ritical OPs.

samurai sword | katana 3d model | 大典太

3d Bubblegun for uploadvr's highest rated vr game

Credited to MakeSchool/UploadVR Summer Academy 2016